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Marine Bash – Fabulous But Simple Ideas

Themes for parties can be practically anything, with last year’s main fad being the unicorn and rainbow-themed parties. This year around, the theme of marine life and the sea has caught on as one of the main themes for both children’s and adults’ parties. Here are some ideas for a kids’ marine-themed party:

Decorations – for a proper under the sea party theme to work, you will obviously need to work on the decorations. If you do have enough funds in your budget, it would be a good idea to start with the lighting, and set up some blue lighting and drapes in order to give off a vibe of the sea. Alternatively, if you are looking for some low-budget lighting options, there is always the option of covering your existing lighting with blue varnish papers and the like in order to recreate a blue light!

Besides the lighting, pay attention to the ideal decorations as well – for example, cut-outs of fish and corals on the walls can recreate shoals of fish swimming among the coral reefs. Algae, starfish and other iconic symbols of the marine life that kids can easily identify with are best – and do not forget to include mermaids and other mystical living beings, especially if the theme is in favour of mermaids and the like!

Food and beverages – food and drinks are yet another important aspect of the party theme you will need to work on. The average party snacks, such as the cookies, cupcakes and even the cake itself can be easily shaped and coloured to fit in with the marine theme. For example, cookies can be made to resemble starfish, breadcrumbs can be used to create a pseudo ‘seabed of sand’. The cake can draw inspiration from popular children’s movies, such as Finding Nemo, or even be shaped as a marine castle. Drinks in blue and green flavours – such as sports drinks – can resemble the blue waters of the ocean, or you can stick to orange, yellow and red colours in order to recreate the colours of the reefs and algae.

Activities – and of course, do not forget about the activities! Kids get bored easily, and if you do not plan for interesting activities, the theme won’t make much of an impact. Therefore, the key is to take existing activities and slightly adjust or change them in a way that they fit the marine theme. For example, you can let the kids do a cupcake decorating activity right at the start – have them decorate the cupcakes as fish, starfish or even seaweed. For physical activities, treasure hunts, tag games, hide and seek, etc. can do with slight changes and accommodate various aspects of the marine theme. Finally, it should also be obvious to include water-related activities (if the weather is good, that is) – water fights, kiddie pools, etc.