Thinking out of the box January 3, 2017

When planning your wedding day, there will be many things that you might be considering doing simply because it is considered tradition to do it or because women before you have done it. One example is wearing a white dress to walk down the aisle while carrying a bouquet of flowers. Every woman does this but never stops to ask or question why they do it. If they were to stop and research the subject, they will realize that the only reason people wear white to their wedding is because a royal from many centuries ago wore white and people have been following this fashion trend without question for centuries. In fact, before queen victoria, women would simply wear a dress that they already had, called their Sunday best, to get married.

Bouquets and flowers

The reason that women carry a bouquet of flowers is because I the past, people were only allowed to bathe once a year due to the lack of rains and the severe droughts. This time they were allowed to bath would be in April when the rains came and usually by May or June when they would traditionally get married, they had already begun to smell slightly and therefore they would carry a bouquet of fragrant flowers to cover the smell. Yet, women today, many centuries later still unquestioningly carry a bouquet of flowers. Similarly, there are reasons that everything is done at wedding such as giving out wedding bomboniere.

If you truly want to follow certain traditions, you can do so in a less expensive way such as buying your wedding favours online and personalised chocolate bars which will cost you much less than it would if you were to spend your money at a wedding store.

In fact, many of these wedding stores will normally buy the things they sell you online and will add a big mark up before selling them to you, the end customer. Always make an effort to try to eliminate the middle man and buy all of the things that you need for your wedding from the source. This will save you thousands of dollars on your wedding. In fact, once your wedding is over, you may even want to consider starting a small wedding planning business which will help brides to get all of their wedding supplies at a lower cost while you also make a small profit on them yourself. This is a win win situation. You can also offer advice on the histories of certain wedding traditions to make the planning process more exciting.

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